HAWXX — Single Launch Party

HAWXX are an exciting South London band comprising of Anna Papadimitriou (vocals & guitar), Hannah Staphnill (guitar & vox), Jess Dann (drums) and Iman Ahmed (bass & vox). They say they’re into feminism, booze, Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood and Skunk Anansie.

HAWXX – groovy rock…

They create groovy rock with flashy harmonies, bashy sounds, and melodies that get right under your skin.

They’re currently recording a new single, and it promises to be a riff-tastic adventure. They will be revealing it at a special single release party at: The Monarch Bar & Venue Camden, 17th January with Yur Mum, Tokyo Sexwail & Callow Saints.

You can support the band here: https://www.patreon.com/hawxxband

While you wait for the new material, check out this recent release, Death Of Silence

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