BABYTEETH from London are a grunge-a-lite rock/pop act comprising of Camilla Roholm (vocals & guitar), Eilidh McKellar (lead guitar), Rio Hellyer (bass), Samantha Lubin (drums) & Sam Hammond (guitar).

Babyteeth – the dirtiest skeezy-wheezy vocals…

They have now released their third 90s sounding single, titled “Cocoon” —

The song is extremely tight, with a coiling riff, dirty rhythms, sloppy bass and the dirtiest skeezy-wheezy vocals you ever did hear… check the lyrics too (Pain is therapy. Love is the enemy? uh-huh… informatory…)

The video is packed with motifs & imagery so worth repeated views, yep, we love it

An intensely felt, soft-grunge, bang-out.



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