Seven Bands That Are Not GRETA VAN FLEET


Everyone is talking about Michigan blues-rockers GRETA VAN FLEET [the Kiszka brothers with Danny Wagner on drums…]

Anthem Of The Peaceful Army – Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet are most often compared to Led Zeppelin, and in particular Josh’s vocals have been measured against Robert Plant (even by Plant himself) while Jake’s hot performances on rock guitar are said to be similar to those of Jimmy Page… although apparently he was going for Pete Townshend.

If you want to know what all the fuss is about, check out “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” their only full studio album (to date).

But the young band has its detractors… the biggest criticism being that they’re blatant rip-off merchants of a mainstream band who were massively overrated anyway.

So, if you like 70’s sounds, and you’re searching for psychedelic blues-rock with memorable riffs and outstanding vocals … but you do not want to be defined as a clapped-out baby boomer or join the hype army, might we tentatively suggest you commit yourself to one of the below-mentioned bands:

Each of the bands listed here are more twisted, more ingenious, and more stylish than the next… and you might think they’re way more brilliant than GVF too!

1: Black Pistol Fire

Black Pistol Fire

Black Pistol Fire are a Canadian rock duo featuring Kevin McKeown on guitar & lead vocals with Eric Owen on drums. Although they’re from Toronto, they base themselves in Austin, Texas and play a sexy brand of Southern Rock.

Their most recent album, “Deadbeat Graffiti” [ Sep 2017 ] boasts restorative blues entreaties such as “Speak of the Devil” that has great wands of fizz and grandly pleading “Plantish” vocals.



2: DeWolff

DeWolff Photo Credit @neilmach

If you feel tempted by the possibility of squelchy, rambling songs, accompanied by melting keys, lustrous guitar fizzes and Al Jardine-style vocal moments we’d suggest the Dutch band DE WOLFF to you. They were one of our Artists to Watch way back in 2015.

We think there’s something very “Eel Pie” about Pablo van de Poel (guitars and vox) his brother Luka van de Poel (drums) with Robin Piso ( on the Hammond)… It’s as if they regularly hang-out with the Yardbirds at weekends. It’s as if they come from a distant epoch.

We thought their ‘Double Crossing Man’ was rollicking and jolly. If you like the idea of taking a bumpy jalopy ride along the Bayshore Freeway in 1965 listening to early Stones and The Doors … this band’s for you.



3: Goodbye June

Goodbye June

Goodbye June is a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee composed of three cousins. Songs such as “Good Side” [from the 2017 Magic Valley] are spirited and fizzy blues masterpieces with flamboyant guitars and emotive vocals.

Their 2018 EP Secrets In The Sunset was released before they embarked on a tour with the lads from Van Fleet and continues with songs about personal struggles and coping with vulnerability … and it’s very fine indeed.



4: Highly Suspect

Highly Suspect

Cape Cod’s trio Highly Suspect founded by twin brothers Rich & Ryan Meyer(Rich is bass and Ryan is drums) with best friend and vocalist/guitarist Johnny Stevens started life as a Black Keys cum Hendrix cover-band before they began to write and record their own material.

Their second studio album, “The Boy Who Died Wolf” included single “My Name Is Human” which topped the Billboard charts was nominated for Best Rock Song at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

The song has a bad-ass, blackened bass, caustic guitars and the kind of vocals that causes you to suspect that chick-magnet Johnny regularly gargles his throat with nitroglycerine.

If you want a band who channel their demons, but are not afraid to stick up for the little guy, and who like a good party, these lads are perfect…


5: ReignWolf


Reignwolf is a Canadian indie/blues rock trio that revolves around the enigmatic multi-instrumentalist Jordan Cook.

The grungy “Wanna Don’t Wanna” is loud and really amazing. With impressive lyricism and the kind of gothic-industrialism that’s full of soot and metallic rhythm… this will attract attention from all kinds of rock buffs.

If you liked The White Stripes but thought they maybe coulda offered more bang for buck, might we suggest a ride-out with Reignwolf will sort you out?


6: The Stone Foxes

The Stone Foxes

The Stone Foxes originated in California, with three founding members who shared a taste for The Black Keys: Aaron Mort and brothers Spence Koehler (guitar) and Shannon Koehler (drums) were joined by Avi Vinocur (bass) and later Elliott Peltzman (keyboards.)

In 2013, following the departures of Mort and Vinocur, the band issued their “Twelve Spells”.

It’s a compendium of vintage sixties sounds, touched with blues influences, and includes country-style ballads and fast-rock anthems.

Right now the band are writing more material and touring hard.


7: Wolfmother


Wolfmother are an Australian hard rock band from Sydney, New South Wales, formed around the pivotal vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale, with bassist and keyboardist Chris Ross, and drummer Myles Heskett. Ross and Heskett went in 2008, to be replaced by a revolving door of competent musicians. Stockdale tends to play alone in the studio, but brings a quartet to stage.

The band released “Pleased to Meet You” for the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack in 2007.

Songs like “The Love That You Give” from the 2016 “Victorious” album incorporated Plant-like voices (almost Ozzy) and vivid riffs with the kind of inspiring mysticism you might find on the first three Zeppelin albums.

It’s possible that Wolfmother plays it safe with a make-do brand of heavy rocking blues… but the songs never feel laboured or over-worked, and Stockdale doesn’t appear limited or hindered by his own ego.

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