BIG JOANIE — Fall Asleep

If you can imagine The Ronettes filtered through 80s DIY attitude and the awareness of the riot grrrl movement, then you might get a little closer to the sound and sistah-punk ethos of BIG JOANIE.

Big Joanie – striking rhythms…photo by Thurston Moore

Big Joanie is a feminist punk band based in London — with Stephanie Phillips (singer/guitarist), Estella Adeyeri (bass) and Chardine Taylor-Stone (drums) — who formed in 2013 and released their first single “Crooked Room” in 2016.

After a casual meeting with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore at one of their shows, they signed with his label “The Daydream Library Series” and recorded their album “Sistahs.”

The first single released from the album, titled “Fall Asleep” is a hymn to crippling restlessness  and is fueled by dark synths with typically English (Blur-ish) undertones, striking rhythms and lyrics that focus on trying to find a way through the mazes of an intimidating world.

The album was recorded and mixed at Hermitage Works Studios by Margo Broom.

The Daydream Library Series of records and tapes is the independent house label of Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Eva Prinz’s publishing imprint Ecstatic Peace Library.


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