COLLATERAL — London Show Announced

The emerging 4-piece British rock band COLLATERAL have announced their first show at Camden’s Black Heart, London on Thursday 7th February 2019.

Collateral – exciting guitar-work, creative lyrics & increasing complexity of composition…

The concert will see the band showcase their undoubted talents: COLLATERAL, comprising Angelo Tristan on guitar and lead vocals and Jack Bentley Smith on bass guitar, Todd Winger on guitar and Ben Atkinson on drums were described by RAW RAMP as “adult-oriented & aesthetically pleasing glam-metal...

The band’s debut EP ‘4 Shots!’ was described by RAW RAMP as a: “Magical adventure [with] exciting guitar-work, creative lyrics, and increasing complexity of composition...”

4 Shots!’ was released on Friday 23rd November via Roulette Records.

The E.P. features the new enigmatic single ‘Midnight Queen’ [see below] plus three other tracks.


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