OSCAR JEROME — Misty Head / Sunny Street

South London singer-songwriter OSCAR JEROME creates soulful jazzy vibes filled with intoxicating grooves. In his solo project, he brings together his main influences including artists such as Gil Scott-Heron, George Benson, John Martyn and others.

Unambiguous disco-funk “feels” …

The new single titled “Misty Head / Sunny Street” has unambiguous disco-funk “feels” and is out now. The single was produced by brother Maxwell Owin, with Jack Polley on bass and Beni Giles on the mix.

It’s a luxurious, slightly quirky velveeta-cheetah construction with talkative keys, chirpy-chirrup accompaniments and rhythm fragments that help move the arrangements along in an intelligent and stylish way.

The voice is, of course, smooth as silk and everything bounces along the way you like and the way you might have missed since Chic went all Risqué.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/oscjerome/

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