ACRYLIC — I’ve Got Too Many Friends

ACRYLIC, Glasgow’s alternative rock band, kicks off the New Year with the release of their compelling new single: “I’ve Got Too Many Friends” out now via Scottish Fiction.

ACRYLIC – scintillating guitars & powerful harmonies…

The single is a lofty helping of indie-rock with frontman Andreas Chrsitodoulidis’ comfortable, baritone vocals creating a daring and engrossing experience. Talking about the single, Andreas says: “It’s about feeling as though you’ve found yourself in an ideal situation, with all the pieces falling together, and knowing that you’re still going to mess it up.”

It’s about a rift developing in a relationship and explores the naive idea that sex will resolve your issues, even though it will, in fact, be a colorless and sad affair and will most likely send you straight to the abyss.”

The single is heaped with scintillating guitars, powerful harmonies and a warm chocolate voice that is as moving as an old memory wrapped in a beloved blanket.



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