The avantgardster musician and Emmy-nominated actress (Tessa Porter in The Young And The Restless) Cait Fairbanks aka “GINESSE” has employed the slogan “It’s all just noise” to keep her head above water during a busy life.

Ginesse -An ebullient voice…

Now she brings us “Noise” [shared below] an impeccably composed track that emphasizes  her axiom via some future-synthish electro-vibrations as (we all) search for equilibrium in these wild times.

Ginesse was raised in the suburban hills of Orange County and now resides in Los Angeles.

Her influences include: Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, Fiona Apple… and  Ginesse, inspired by these artists, she has manufactured for herself an incomparable sound that’s not entirely mainstream but nevertheless overwhelmingly catchy.

Through suspenseful effects and irregular tones, her ambience is modern , accentuating an ebullient voice that’s filled with avidity and passion.

Before becoming Ginesse, her constant endeavor was to find herself some genuine individuality. This often involved experimental fashion, rotating hair colours, and extreme diets. She felt submerged in self-doubt, until a pattern became clear:

Throughout my life whenever I get too caught up in what everyone else around me is up to, my Mom always says to me “It’s all just noise”. That’s always been something that stuck with me. Whenever I’m my most depressed I get too focused on social media and it drives me crazy. ‘Noise’ was inspired by the mix of depression and overstimulation


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