The NICOTINE DOLLS were conceived in New York City during the Summer of 2017 by Singer Sam Cieri and Guitarist John Hays, with John Merrit (Bass) and Abel Tabares (Drums) joining shortly afterwards. They compounded their joint musical backgrounds to create a post-punk pop sound with cinematic undercurrents.

Fake plays beautifully and its obscurity is masterful…

On their debut single “Fake” [shared below] they implement all their inner beliefs and abilities into a song which digs profoundly into the core of music’s righteous heart. The band electrify the scene with the song. A track that’s monumental for the act on the cusp of creating waves. Although, they’re in the underground, they play like seasoned pros, never stuck in a monotonous loop, never cradling negativity to its grave.

Fake plays beautifully and its obscurity is masterful. Little snippets collide with full on instrumental superiority. As mentioned, these musicians know how to play as well as orchestrate enthralling live performances. From the start of Fake, we listen to an influential guitar part bloom into an infectious beat.

Sorrow does align with the music. There’s times when sadness spikes and when bad days loom. Over the course of the track, we also witness a story unfold, like we’re falling aimlessly into the void, listening to every word. The whole premise of the song isn’t totally aimed at despair, but when there’s sombreness there is usually a compelling chronicle attached.

Breaking down this song into bundles is great. It’s epic, it showcases diversity and doesn’t wither after a few listens. Keeping the listener interested is paramount, and on Fake, Nicotine Dolls commit to the cause. From the beginning of the contribution, when the subtle instruments start to grow and prosper, as the vocals shudder through, it becomes such an intense, forward thinking tour de force.

Words: Mark Mcconville


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