The all-female Charlotte, NC hard-rock/post-hardcore band REASON|DEFINE have released a punchy new music video for “Inferno”.

Submersion into the rock world…

The video gives an insider look into the world on tour and the live music experience. Mosh pits and head-bangs a-plenty as fans to enjoy the band’s anthems with their friends and fellow music lovers.

The video transports an audiences to the roots of what hard-rock music is all about: as [fictional] keyboardist Viv Savage once [never] said: rock is about “Having… a… good… time… all the time...”

Reason|Define create a community where the music is central, regardless of personal background. By showing what fans can expect at a live show, it gives them a chance to see how they can interact with the community and become a part of the Reason|Define fan base and family.

The band members are intense and passionate about what they play and give their all to performance. Their personalities come through the screen and connect with the audience on a personal level. Interaction with the crowd is essential, and the video shows close-ups of the fans enjoying every minute of submersion into the rock world.

“Inferno” comes from the band’s brand new album “In Memory…” released on March 1st 2019.



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