KAVIANI — Don’t Let the Bombs Drop, Daddy

As one of the UK’s most sought-after rock session guitarists in the country, the British composer and performer SIMON KAVIANI has already been acclaimed by Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Eric Martin (Mr Big) and more recently, rock-royalty – UFO. Now he releases “Don’t Let the Bombs Drop, Daddy” — the first release under his own name.

KAVIANI – a supplicating antiphon…

The song is inspired by growing up with an Iranian heritage in Sheffield, and recalling how his father told him to tell people he was “Italian” to escape the stigma of suggesting his family originated in Iran.

A recurrent beat pokes this song along, with a wonderful keyboard under-current and a “chucking” funky-guitar rhythm. The vocals are passionate and the lyrics sincere. The “make it stop” chorus is a supplicating antiphon. The breadth of ambition and impressive musicianship on this piece reminds us of the more politically-spirited numbers from Genesis back in their Invisible Touch days.

This is admirable, full of inventiveness and bursting with a determination to change the pigheads of small-minded people.

Kaviani’s debut single is released 29th April on all platforms and taken from his forthcoming EP.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/kaviani/

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