DIG LAZARUS are an intoxicating three-piece rock band from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK. They make a sound that’s reminiscent of The Subways x Blink-182. They are: Ash Tustain (guitar and vocals) Jack Cotterill, (percussion) and Atticus Hall-McNair (bass, backing vox.)

Dig Lazarus – catchy hooks & plentiful harmonies…

This weekend they release their single: “Tell Me Why”. It has a corpulent bass, a markedly efficient drum-line, a nice do-wop chorus and nifty guitar. However, judging solely by this offering, (and we have to, because their Soundcloud & YouTube platforms have been stripped bare, though they’ve been together 5+ years ) — all we can say is: Bad Religion they ain’t.

This soaking of pop-punk booty is fine & dandy. And in these days of anxiety and faze it’s true we need a fix of catchy hooks & plentiful harmonies to cheer us out of bed in the morning… but where’s the attitude? Where’s the snarl? Where’s the fury? Where’s the rowdiness? Where’s the rage? In short, where’s the punk? You don’t have to be infuriated all-the-time… we get that… But where’s the militancy? Maybe it’s just us…

Nevertheless, if you wanna party — party without the consequences — and if all you wanna do is tap your feet & jiggle your bum… you’ll find this bugaloo is as catchy as a lurgy caught after copping-off with a dodgy stranger.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/diglazarusUK/


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