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GLENN HUGHES — Classic Deep Purple Live

DEEP PURPLE made a dramatic advance when the (then) 20-year-old GLENN HUGHES was seconded from British funk-rockers Trapeze in mid-1973 to be bassist (and co-vocalist with David Coverdale) for the legendary rock group.

Classic Deep Purple

With his help the band moved into a more progressive direction with: Burn (1974) Stormbringer (1974) and Come Taste the Band (1975) while also touring the world for three years.

His first solo album “Play Me Out” (1977) was released before he joined Black Sabbath briefly, in the mid-1980s [Seventh Star with Tony Iommi .] He currently fronts the supergroup Black Country Communion and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016 as a member of Deep Purple.

He states: “I’m excited to be touring the “Classic Deep Purple Live” in the UK in May 2019. I first toured Classic Deep Purple Live in Australia and New Zealand last year and it went down like a storm.”

Special guest on the tour will be Laurence Jones, tipped as the future of Blues Rock. When we saw Laurence’s live show, we thought it was a burning roister, with acid-drop rhythms and fantastic shine that lasted all the way through…


Main picture credit: © Marty Moffatt

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