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ALIVE AND DANGEROUS — Announce November Show

The thrilling band of legendary THIN LIZZY drummer Brian Downey: ALIVE AND DANGEROUS will return the Camden Underworld on Thursday 7th November by popular demand.

Brian Downey: ALIVE AND DANGEROUS: Thrilling… Photo Credit © Laurence Harvey

Back in 1969 Dublin drummer Downey formed the germinal THIN LIZZY with Belfast guitarist Eric Bell and “Orphanage” bandmate (also from Dublin) Phil Lynott on vocals. Later, organist Eric Wrixon, a colleague of Bell, joined the incarnation. It’s generally agreed that the band’s double “Live and Dangerous” album  is their finest moment.

The goal of Brian Downey’s ALIVE AND DANGEROUS is to recreate the vital energy and dramatic spectacle presented to  those crowds in London, Philadelphia and Toronto, during 1976-77 with Brian Grace (better known as guitarist for the Commitments’ Andrew Strong), and former Low Rider members Matt Wilson (lead vocals, bass) and Phil Edgar (lead guitar).

When we last saw the ALIVE AND DANGEROUS show we thought it was, “ a classic concoction of sweaty, haunting bass-lines, persistent riffs [and] supremely smooth, soulful vocalizations…

At: The Underworld Camden, London on Thursday 7 November

Main Photo Credit © Larry Canavan


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