Photo of Ellie Ford

ELLIE FORD — Light.Repeated

ELLIE FORD returns this Spring with a second album titled: “Light.Repeated”.

Photo of Ellie Ford
Ellie Ford- unadulterated potency… Image: @neilmach 2019 ©

It is a dauntless & ingenious work of art from Ellie and her band of competent instrumentalists. We saw the full-band line-up play at “Back in the Woods” at the Alt Alt Escape in St Nicholas Church, Brighton this weekend.

On the album, and during the show, the Brighton-based harpist roams into numerous genres as her towering vocals and nimble fingers steer the audience ever-more competently through jazz, ambient folk and trip-hop to accomplish a special kind of equilibrium that suits the unadulterated potency of that rare harp sound, and the accompanying strings, yet her pieces never feel over-elaborate or staged.

A skilled musician, Ellie seems to have an interdependent kinship with her instrument. They make each other sing. They influence and encourage each other to create melodious dances, each taking turns to produce incredibly passionate song-patterns. The show has to be seen to be believed!

This venturous second album confounds any expectations. The vinyl is out now.

ELLIE FORD is currently on tour with her full band [poster, below]

Images: @neilmach 2019 ©


Poster Image Jan Juhaniak

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