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Electronic folk/chamber pop act NIGHT HOUSE is the main musical project of NICK WILLIAMS, the singer and composer from Brighton, Sussex.

Photo of artist
Nick Williams of Night Housedistinct & distinguishable… Image @neilmach 2019 ©

His assembly of talented musicians combine the common musicality of textures found in electronic synthesizers, electric piano and amplified guitars with more classical instruments such as cello, double bass and acoustic guitar. But it is the cleansing emotion and great intensity of Nick’s vocals that really make this band distinct & distinguishable from others in their field.

We recently saw the band play live at the Back in the Woods showcase at the Alt-Alt Escape in the ancient St Nicholas Church during Great Escape week.

Now they’ve released their single “To Be With”. It is a soft and reverent ode to the act of remembering… with sorrowed cello, icy keynotes and dulcet and nuanced honey-wine fragrance in the vocal.

For lovers of Sufjan Stevens or Joni Mitchell


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