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There’s just weeks to go until the HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES release their “RisePre-order now:

The undead Vampires Rise again…

Three years ago, Alice Copper and his good mate Johnny Depp came together and decided to resurrect the spirit of the Hollywood Vampires (minus the drinking). The undead Hollywood Vampires rise again with the release of a new album due 21 Jun 2019. And this time Alice and Johnny are joined by old friend Joe Perry. Rick Savage is sure to make an appearance.

To celebrate, you can get “The Boogieman Surprise” (live video shared below] on Google Play right now:

And, let’s be honest… nobody is ready for the boogieman surprise!

File alongside 1970s T.Rex and/or Sweet. Can’t be bad… huh?

Main picture credit: Picture Credit Ross Halfin Photography


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