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MEGAN SAYER — Since He’s Been Away

The super-talented Brighton (UK) based blue-eyed R&B & soul artist MEGAN SAYER today releases her first single: ‘Since He’s Been Away’.

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The loving voice falls down, but bounces back with memories of lives drawn together patiently yet crumbled apart…

Megan is a classically trained mezzo-soprano and has worked in musical theater since a youngster. She was raised in Farnham, Surrey and grew-up admiring jazz, pop & blues artists such as Etta James, Amy Winehouse and Carole King.

Although she’s been very busy working on numerous theatrical and music  projects, she found time to lay down an accomplished soul album a couple of years back, and she plans to release three self-penned singles from the collection over the summer of 2019 and in anticipation of her platform one appearance at this year’s Isle of Wight Festival.

Since He’s Been Away has an immediately catchy chorus, a darkening atmosphere and solemn guitar accompaniment. The loving voice — it has extraordinary range and depth — falls down, but bounces-back with memories of lives drawn together patiently over time though finally crumbled apart by experience. Thus, the song has a moving attitude and soulful spirit yet is never doleful or unkind. Like all her work, it’s a heart-of-hearts thing.

Check it here:

File alongside: Dusty Springfield, Macy Gray, Paloma Faith

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