EVA-LINA — You So Cool

On this, the last day of Spring, and in sure-readiness of a long & hot Summer the sensational Swedish pop artist and producer EVA-LINA brings her soundtrack for (self)romance to a dance-party near you, with a second single titled: ‘You so Cool’.

Sheenier than a pair of glitterpants…
Co-written & co-produced with the top industry “Modestep” producer & guitarist Nick Tsang and inspired by the love of artists such as Tove Lo and Charlie Puth, ‘You so Cool’ was set to fuel the careers of the biggest names in pop but Eva-Lina couldn’t let it go to another artist. 

I don’t sing this about anyone, I sing it to myself, to everyone. It’s message of empowerment because it is ‘so cool’ when you to have the confidence to take charge and have fun...” she says.

We’ve already written about Eva Lina and her astonishingly catchy numbers… but this is one of the best.

With a spindly set of synth-sounds and a birdlike structure, this soon develops into a set of rounded yet gulping bass wobbles and creates some wonderfully perceptive profundity. Don’t be put off by the serious thoughts hidden inside the lyric though, the vocal is sheenier than a pair of glitterpants caught in the sprinkling facets of a disco ball. It bounces supremely.

File alongside Witness-era Katy Perry

Link: https://open.spotify.com/album/2AER6fkX9o0RIv94yMXqCi

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