H.E.A.T. Sweden

H.E.A.T — Live At Sweden Rock

If you the love idea of uncontrolled exuberance in your rock ‘n’ roll and sublime majesty in your glam-metal then we have exciting news for you… The Swedish rock sensation H.E.A.T. are releasing their live album ‘Live At Sweden Rock Festival’ on Friday 26th July via earMusic.

Uncontrolled exuberance - Live at Sweden Rocks...
Uncontrolled exuberance – Live at Sweden Rocks…

We thought their 2017 album “Into The Great Unknown” was a “confection of sugary delights…

Their famed melodic oomph is revealed on “Living On The Run” (the live video is shared below and found on the new album) with crisp ‘n’ dry main vocals, shaky backing vox, and some pontificating yet highly rifficacious guitar-play…

The title will be released on July 26, 2019

Link: https://www.facebook.com/heatsweden



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