EVA-LINA — Head In The Clouds

This week the Swedish pop artist and producer EVA-LINA released her new single, ‘Head In The Clouds’.

Eva-Lina Head In the Clouds
Head in the Clouds – surreal presentation & frolicsome lyrics…

Written and co-produced with Dasin Rasheed, ‘Head In The Clouds’ is Eva-Lina’s third single; and with surreal presentation and frolicsome lyrics the popster this time tackles — emblematically — the subject of mental health. It’s delivered, of course, with her usual freehearted sassitude and a measure of point-blank pragmatism.

Eva-Lina says: “When I wrote this track I was not having an amazing day, I had to put myself in a different headspace. Happiness will come and go, and that is what “Head In The Clouds” is about – emphasizing the moments when you feel great and escaping moments when you feel low.

The attitudinal number combines an assortment of influences from Charlie XCX to Billie Eilish via JAY Z and follows the release of ‘You So Cool’ that we described as: “Perceptive profundity…

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