24 year old Dorothy Miranda or simply “Dodie” (Clark) from Enfield, Essex (UK) is a YouTube sensation, a compositional poet, a talented chanteuse a guitar strummer/plucker and a minimalist keyboard plinky-plonker.

Dodie – emotional, warm & inspiring…

Although you might not be familiar with her name (unless you sit yourself within the generation y & z demographic) we can tell you that the English songwriter has amassed over 1.8M subscribers, and over 250 million views on her main YouTube channel with over 160 videos being played. And on Vevo she’s had over 11.8 million views and signed-up over 372K subscribers.

She’s released three independent E.P’s —Intertwined (2016), You (2017), and more recently, Human (2019) and they’re all stuffed with her trademark emotional, warm and inspiring compositions.

All her discs charted within the top 40 of the official UK Albums Charts.

The standalone single: “Guiltless” is a gently picked, nuance-filled, pitter-patter of sacred delight with the creamiest of voices and some tender frills. It gradually builds into sweet rapture. It’s holy and innocent yet, somehow, worldly.

Dodie starts a major U.S. Tour this September. You can find tickets on her homepage.


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