CORMAC NEESON — White Feather

CORMAC NEESON — the much-celebrated lead singer of Northern Irish band THE ANSWER — is the latest artist to join a list of hard rock musicians who have recently re-discovered themselves (and their musical heritage) to bring out tender Americana/Country Soul/Blues-based debut solo albums… aided by seasoned Nashville session men.

White Feather
White Feather – Loving & Forgiving…

Neeson’s moving and introspective album “White Feather” issued in April 2019 via Social Family Records has already been well received on the Emerald Isle and has reached number 4 on the U.K. national Country Rock albums charts.

This feels like the perfect fit for me and for a record that represents a big part of who I am. Delighted to re-kindle my connection to Australia and looking forward to getting this music into a lot of ears across this big old globe of ours...” says Neeson.

In February 2019, the musician became a brand ambassador for the learning disability charity, Mencap NI — a partnership that stemmed from Mencap’s instant connection with the song  lyrics for Broken Wing.

In 2014, Neeson’s son Dabhóg was born prematurely with Down’s Syndrome and the impact of this life-changing experience had a profound effect on the songwriter. He sought comfort by writing an autobiographical and affectionate chronicling of his innermost thoughts.

The track: “Broken Wing” seems to emulate the melody from the “Loving & Forgiving” hymn (by Scott Soper) and, naturally, the songs comes across as the sanctified adoration of a little lad who will never understand the harsh tyranny of this world — perhaps that’s a blessing. If you can imagine Chris Robinson [Black Crowes] singing along with Robert Randolph’s backing-musician family, you’d be halfway to understanding the spirituality of this evocative piece.

White Feather by Cormac Neeson is OUT NOW

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