Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard


Find out your tartans, silver capes, glittery boots and androgynous loon pants, because the Classic Glam Era (the 1970s) is coming back… the sequinned assault is spear-headed by Cardiff indie-rock quartet BUZZARD BUZZARD BUZZARD.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard
Give love a chance…Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard

Front man Tom Rees’ characteristic lead vocal feels redolent of Marc Bolan but that’s where the similarities with T.Rex end. And that’s a good thing. This band aren’t “trying to be” a seventies glam-band. They are one.

You’ll catch Slade, Smokie, Mud and the Bay City Rollers in their joyfully brash & fuzzy sounds. But you’ll also hear the sounds of lesser known seventies acts such as Pilot and Kenny.

Love Forever” is out now [check the video below] and the theme + message is clear. Give love a chance, turn your back on hate ‘n’ greed and put your glad-rags on, ready to parteee.

When it seems entirely possible (that here in Britain) we are about to enter a 1970s style “winter of discontent” — this is the best advice possible. Cos’ we might require something that’s stompingly superficial and glamorously bomping to take the gloom away. This rousing anthem does the trick.


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