Danny Vaughn

DANNY VAUGHN — Solo Acoustic Show, London

This week we caught up with DANNY VAUGHN — famed for his flourishing voice-work with melodic rockers Tyketto — who has now completed the solo album he’s always wanted to make. He’s on the next segment of the English leg on his: “Myths , Legends and Lies” solo acoustic tour.

We saw his show at London’s amazing Black Heart, in Camden, supported by the talented Collateral whose own melodic Americana and country-style rock reminded us of the virtuous integrative music found on late-1970s Eagles albums.

Danny Vaughn
The voice ranged from gravel-laden emotionality to out-and-out potency…

The Danny Vaughn show started with some exquisitely contortive guitar-work and spellbinding story-weaving, with the old Tyketto song “Walk On Fire” (taken from the band’s first album.) The voice ranged from gravel-laden emotionality to out-and-out potency.

After 45 minutes in a hotel room, I’m just getting situated…” he told his adoring audience. And, by the second song, “Is That All There Is?” (from Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside ) he already has the audience singing along with his meaningful words: “Is that all there is /  Is that all you’ve got / Can I wring you out / Just a few more drops?” This is an evangelical song, not very different from “These Hands” by Johnny Cash, yet caustic and profound.

The Last Ride Of The Sunset Men” comes from the new  Myths, Legends and Lies album and is a rattling, canter written after he took-in Neil Gaiman’s novel “American Gods.”

myths legends lies
“Now it gets weird,” he says…

Now it gets weird,” he says, before dipping his head to concentrate on his finger-work. He creates a whirlpool of cryptic swirls. These curious sounds bloom like water lilies from the mud. Amazing.

Another song from the new album is the delicate blues number “Black Crow”. Experiencing this charm is like watching Don Henley sing one of Johnny Cash’s darkest numbers, but with poetry by Edgar Allan Poe. It’s candescent, though rendered with ultra-dark tones.

He may not forgive us for saying this… but at The Black Heart, Danny reminds us of Glen Campbell. Not physically (or politically, we hasten to add) — no, we are talking here about the brightness of his voice, the lustrous personality he brings to the acoustic guitar, and the polished proficiency of his song delivery.

This was a show of soul-filled balladeering mixed with rockier songs (from the much-loved Tyketto back catalogue) — along with lots of newer goodies… all delivered with the kind of atmospheric emotion that is extremely rare these days.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/Danny-Vaughn

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