Crystal Viper

CRYSTAL VIPER — Still Alive + New Album

The Polish female fronted heavy metal act CRYSTAL VIPER, founded by the singer, guitarist and composer MARTA GABRIEL have been regularly touring and making festival appearances since 2007. Having securely set their position by recording six studio albums, multiple singles and an EP, they are considered to be one of the hardest working & determined bands on the planet.

Crystal Viper – aphotic, yet also melodious

While the band is often tagged as NWOTHM (the “New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal”) their new album, “Tales Of Fire And Ice” [due November 22nd 2019] presents a divergent approach. These songs songs are weighted, more vehement and aphotic, yet also supremely melodious.

Imagine the musicianship of Judas Priest, say, with some Wessels-like consonant musical unison. The first track to emerge from the album, Still Alive (video shared below) is a moderate tempo number with an overall sound that’s perhaps influenced by Euro-pop beats (think GaGa’s Alejandro] with Latino-style rhythms that sit, fairly comfortably, alongside the heavier metal constructs.

The album promises nine new tracks and both CD and vinyl versions. The band says the title of the album refers to the lyrics inspired by legends, mysterious stories and secrets of the world, such as Bermuda Triangle, the Dyatlov Pass incident, alien abduction etc. and has nothing to do with cashing in on George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire.

Band members: Marta Gabriel (vocals, guitars), Andy Wave (guitars), Eric Juris (guitars), Blaze J. Grygiel (bass), Tomek Danczak (drums)

Tales of Fire and Ice by Crystal Viper is expected 22 Nov 2019


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