Magpie Saulte High Water II


American rock band THE MAGPIE SALUTE (featuring Rich Robinson from the legendary band The Black Crowes) have announced their new album High Water II (follow up to last years High Water I) will be released on October 18th via Provogue.

Magpie Salute
Magpie Salute – dry-bone vocals & parched sway…

Rich announced the formation of the Magpie Salute in October 2016. In addition to Robinson, the group features guitarist Marc Ford and bassist Sven Pipien, with Matt Slocum on keys, John Hogg on guitars/percussion, and Joe Magistro on drums.

Their debut album reached the Top 40 Billboard Charts and was met with widespread acclaim and was named #7 in Classic Rock Magazines albums of the year.  And we described “For The Wind” taken from the album as “ a chilled and flavorful piece of philosophical honesty…

High Water II picks up where the band’s studio debut left off, with much of the album written during early recordings at Dark Horse Studios in Nashville, which is why the album feels like a consummate continuance of its illustrious predecessor.

Talking of the flow between the two albums Robinson says:  “Both records are part of a collective journey. I chose the sequence specifically for each record. I wanted ‘High Water l’ to introduce us to the world and the world to us. With ‘High Water ll,’ I wanted to get a little deeper. To take people places they may not have expected to go.”

The first single, titled “In Here” (video shared below) has tinkle-some, bar-room piano, and a super-edgy riff, with dry-bone vocals and the kind of parched sway an inebriated gunslinger might have after a long-night in the tavern. This is bright, and delivered with cactus-sharp clarity.


High Water II by The Magpie Salute is due October 18, 2019.

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