LANDE HEKT — Songs from a Gigantic Disappointment

Multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter LANDE HEKT of Exeter indie punk trio MUNCIE GIRLS has recorded a collection of seven songs which she’ll be releasing as an E.P. on 15th November.

Titled ‘Gigantic Disappointment’ — it’s about prioritizing a life…

Titled ‘Gigantic Disappointment’ — the songs were recorded with Ben David of The Hard Aches at his studio on top of a hill in Cudlee Creek, which is in the Adelaide Hills in Australia.

It was the first time I’ve ever played all the instruments on a recording before,” says Lande.

We recorded a guide guitar track and then I recorded the drums along to that, then bass, then guitar, then vocals, then extras. It was 37c everyday and the studio is self sustainable so it was nice to be drinking rain water, but it was warm rain water. Everyday two kangaroos would come to the house and stare at us.

The first single to be released from the E.P. is ‘Carpet’ which is a song: “about the weird feelings you get when your friends move away. It’s also about old habits and wishing you could stand up for yourself more.

Experimenting with 80s influences, Lande opened herself up to experimenting with assorted sounds and formulations, whilst still coming up with some typically touching, appealing, and artistic compositions.

The E.P. is about trying to exist in a really frightful world while trying to be a good person (and often not succeeding), and it’s about confronting anxiety and long distance relationships… it’s about laying off the booze and feeling detached, it’s about prioritizing a life: “I did a lot of traveling and touring when I recorded Gigantic Disappointment, so time was often either dragging or suspended,” she says. “The first song I wrote for the release – ‘The Future’ – references climate change and how we are all running out of time.”

Carpet” (shared below) has chortling guitar, whippy percussion and devout vocals that are eventually joined by a slippery eel-like guitar. This is arresting and slinky. While “The Future” (also out now) has throbbing guitar notes, back-beatish rhythms and shiny, reflective vocals.

Live UK Dates:

Mon 18th November – Bristol,The Exchange
Tue 19th November – Exeter,The Cavern
Thu 21st November – Brighton, Rossi Bar


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