MAIJA SOFIA — The Glitter

The Irish art-folk virtuoso MAIJA SOFIA (from rural Galway ) has released “The Glitter” which is the first single from her forthcoming debut full-length album ‘Bath Time‘ (due November 22). It’s a compelling look on the convolution and hurt of female life, written in the run-up to her native country’s decision to repeal the 8th amendment on abortion.

maija sofia
The remote story-telling voice brings something truly haunting…

This contemplative period, partially influenced by arguments for abortion on mainstream news in 2019, gave rise to this collection of metaphysical evocations that tend to analyze and draw-upon the muzzling, censorship and deceitful misrepresentation of women through the ages. The Irish Times have named MAIJA among their 50 People to Watch (2019)

The Glitter” tells the story of young Jean Rhys, an anxious novelist from the Caribbean, who came to Europe aged sixteen and who battled with the shifting emotions of displacement and a lack of belonging. Thus, disconnected and woozy guitars coalesce with a lamenting violin while the remote story-telling voice brings something that’s truly haunting. This is whispery-lush & soft, yet sorely felt and thoroughly heart-rending.

Speaking about the track, Maija says: “The Glitter was inspired by my experience of reading the book ‘Good Morning, Midnight’ by Jean Rhys, a heavily depressing but brilliant novel about a lonely, self- destructive and impulsive woman living in 1930s Paris. The song came about with Jean Rhys in mind, and the influence her novels had on my past self.


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