NOVA MILLER — Do It To Myself

Quite possibly, the Swedish multi-instrumentalist, singer and recording artist NOVA MILLER (real name: Astrid Fanny Granström) who describes herself as “the next 1960’s pop star” is the most criminally underrated artist in the pop-world of try-too-hards and also-rans. The Supernova five-octave vocal-range Power Puff Girl (yes, she is) makes sunny-sounds that always deliver on delight and captivation. Now she determines she must : “Do It To Myself

Nova Miller
Nova Miller is cuteandcool
The new song is about making the person in the mirror your own worst enemy: “You don’t need to drive me crazy […] coz I’ll do that to myself,” she trills, as she resolves to love herself before she embarks upon the madness of loving someone else.

This song is cuteandcool all-at-once and kinda adorable. The number incorporates a swishy style that’s almost oriental in orchestration, with fluent tones that become low-mellow in flavor, while other notes flutter bird-high above the scattered beats. Clever leitmotifs help to accentuate the lightheadedness of the landscape. This is sweet music to brighten any damp day.

File alongside: Emmalyn Estrada, Sunny Malouf, Shae Brock


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