ENNAH BARRY Photo by Kira Curtis

JENNAH BARRY — The Real Moon

From the boat-building harbour-point of Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia, JENNAH BARRY is one of Canada’s predestined selkies.

JENNAH BARRY – ma voice of “peacock feathers & mottled velvet…” Real Moon

Her irrefutable and calmly spiritual, emollient voice establishes a condition where even challenging reality seems a rather pleasant experience.

Billowing casually from folk-country to soft-rock via pop and light jazz, Barry’s new sounds (last published back in 2012 on “Young Men” ) now place her at the forefront of Canadian women who bring music as powerful as it is tender.

She recently signed to the Halifax label collective Forward Music Group (Sarah Pagé, Paper Beat Scissors) and now shares her new single, titled “The Real Moon” produced by Colin Nealis (Andy Shauf, Aidan Knight.)

It has a gleam about it that reminds us of the silver-dishes of a tabret caught in the sun. The voice is peacock feathers and mottled velvet and the rhythm is influenced by jazz, elegantly soft and seductive. This is a true charmer.

File alongside: Norah Jones

Photo by Kira Curtis

Link: https://www.facebook.com/jennahbarry/

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