STONEWIRE — All That Matters

The thunderous and vituperative sound of STONEWIRE from Kent, England is held in place by Sky Hunter’s sooty, hot-butter gumbo voice. The will release their highly anticipated album “Life As We Know It” this November 1st.

All That Matters StoneWire
StoneWire – All That Matters “immediate grabability…”

To warm things up before life, as we know it, reaches a critical point, the band have released their newest track, ‘All That Matters’ with an accompanying and rather clever animated video (see below) created by Ashley Miles of Hot Frog Animations.

Sky says: “This is a story of self-reliance and [about] the truly important things like love, happiness and peace [that] lie within and are only a glance away if we are willing to look.

The song has immediate grabability as the riffage pulls you in-and-under from the very start. The voice comes filled with soot and threat, like a storm cloud on the horizon. The constant rhythm expects you to nod and to condemn. Overall, this is an interesting mix of Black Crowes style heavy-rock and Sari Schorr-style vocals

StoneWire will launch their album on Nov 14th at the Hope and Anchor, London


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