DEVA ST. JOHN — The Information Age

Born in London to American parents and raised in Berkshire, rock vocalist & songwriter DEVA ST. JOHN brings a lush and enveloping acoustic environment to the ears of her many adherents, to unite British and American pop cultures.

DEVA ST. JOHN – her predatory & slightly dizzying voice is injected into your ear immediately…

Her tipsy productions, half lo-fi and half alternative rock provide a feeling of susceptibility and intuition.

Her most recent theme, tackled on “The Information Age”  concentrates on the frequently tyrannical quality of social media, and how it sidetracks and fractionates a community.

I wrote ‘The Information Age’ after spending way too long comparing myself to other people...” she says.

I was beginning to feel my self worth deteriorate with every passing post; watching people I love allow misinformation to cloud their judgement, while knowing the media I’m consuming is probably just as manipulative...”

With accompanying beeps and jets, the predatory and slightly dizzying voice is injected into your ear immediately. The voice is somewhat breathless, the mesh of underlying synth patterns primed to perfection, before the entire piece threatens to fall into a hole of its own fabrication; but the number stops right at the edge and the artist looks into the abyss. This is an achievement of mantic perception.


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