ST. BISHOP — Sleep It Off

Emerging Irish electro-pop artist  ST. BISHOP aka Stephen Bishop has released his new single “Sleep It Off” via Veta Records.

St Bishop
St Bishop – The general feeling of calm and forgiveness is irresistible…

St. Bishop says: “It’s about about the hunt for social gratification. Over the years, social media has been something that I love to use but also something that triggers anxiety. As soon as anyone asks how you’re doing you pretend that you’re fine. If you do decide to open up, you sugar coat it and ‘sleep it off’ but you don’t, you lie there in your own sadness and let it take you over…”

The voice is high and aesthetically achieved on this superb track, shared below. The rhythms are incomparable and the general feeling of calm and forgiveness is irresistible. There is so much class, grace and fluidity here — you will think you have been transported into a sky of heavenly softness!

File alongside: Years & Years


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