ELECTRIC BLACK — The Calm Before

The Hitchin, North Herts (UK) based rock quartet ELECTRIC BLACK recently presented their debut album, titled “The Calm Before”.

The Calm Before
The Calm Before – Effervescent and squeezey

We had a listen:

Effervescent and squeezey “Love Is a Light (For the Lost)” is like a lethargic version of Chuck Berry’sYou Can’t Catch Me” with fluent froth in the guitar parts and a ribald bass.

Homecoming” is a sentimental blues outlet (with realistic lyrical content) and is kinda chilled till the busy guitar bit screws with your mind to give a sweet hit of dopamine.

Eagle” is impressively exciting with sizeable, striding rhythms and grand slabs of guitar. The voice is doughty and the chorus is snappy and melodious. This is not unlike Uriah Heep’sLady In Black” (circa 1971) in terms of classic coherence and pleasant asperity.

Shoot for the Sun” saunters like a gunslinger who emerges from the first blinding shafts of day. Expect gravelly vocals, versatile & serpentine guitars and a backbone of grit and dust.

File alongside: Black Stone Cherry

Link:  https://www.facebook.com/ElectricBlack/

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