KIESZA — When Boys Cry

The electronic singer-songwriter and Juno Awards winner KIESZA   has charged into 2020 full blast with the release of her new single ‘When Boys Cry’ released via her own label, Zebra Spirit Tribe.

KIESZA – the adroit voice is neatly compacted against a flutter of chipper beats…

Produced by Chris Malinchak [So Good to Me ]  the new single is taken from Kiezsa’s forthcoming album, set for release later this year.  The lyric video is shared [below]

The glorious new single is apparently written about the vulnerability of the men in her life:  

Kiezsa says “Throughout history, men have had less permission to be vulnerable with their feelings than woman, despite the fact that male and female energy both lives and seeks balance in all of us.”

As a champion of female empowerm​ent myself, I equally champion the empowerment of men to tap into their feminine power and allow themselves to be vulnerable emotionally.

When Boys Cry” shines a light on this subject. I wrote the melody and lyrics of the song with the intention of supporting men, so they feel confident sharing this side of themselves with the world, and encourage people as a whole to celebrate it when they do.”

Set amidst a musical landscape that includes bright, electronic star-shapes and smoky visions, the adroit voice is neatly compacted against a flutter of chipper beats.

Canadian born Kiesza became an instant star in 2014 when her ardent vocal number “Hideaway” reached over 1 billion streams and her million selling debut album, “Sound Of A Woman” saw her top the charts.


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