SONS — Sweat

SONS are not just muchachos.

Sons are songs. Sons are tones. Sons are blasts. Sons are brand-marks.

The British punk duo SONS of Brighton, Sussex — brothers Lee and Nick Meldrum — have been making powerful and tumultuous music together for years.

SONS sweat
Sweat is a ruthlessly propelling rush of overwhelming riffs and obscurant rhythms…

Perhaps inspired by their fellow South-Coast slab-makers SLAVES, their sound is a mix of hard punk riffs peppered with profligate rhythms and the kind of begrimed and totally pockmarked noise sculptures that you thought were lost once the Ramones declared their last buenas noches at Lollapalooza, around 95.

SONS will ​release their new single ‘​Sweat​’ on 14th Feb 2020, through a new label​ “End Of The Trail Creative”​ to be distributed by ​CD Baby.

​Sweat​’ is a ruthlessly propelling rush of overwhelming riffs and obscurant rhythms that brings the kind of colossal chorus that will lift fans to their feet in praise and bring opponents to their knees in defeat. ‘Sweat​’ also demonstrates the ​SONS aptitude for writing perceptive and thoroughly penetrative hooks and bringing engaging lyricism to their numbers.

Singer Lee says, “​The meaning behind ‘Sweat’ is falling for someone you knew was a player and the inner turmoil you have with yourself over the time together and afterwards.”

​SONS ​are a hallmark of Britain 2020. Like all literate Gen Zs, these champions express the anger and frustration they feel on the streets… and like all rebellious & mischievous punks before them, they exploit the immediacy and potential of their genre to overturn the shabby establishment rules and highlight the indiscretions of their fathers…

SWEAT comes out on February 14

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