SARI SCHORR — Ain’t Got No Money

The “liberating, dynamic, and exuberant,” force-of-nature SARI SCHORR has released her latest album, ‘Live in Europe’, via Manhaton Records.

Live in Europe
Live In Europe

To celebrate, she’s shared a live video for ‘Ain’t Got No Money (see below) that provides an exciting taste of the live Sari Schorr experience. Filmed in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland, the number brings a silverfast sharp-as-rapier guitar, a vibrant punch of rhythm, and that remarkable smoky voice that’s like grilled applewood and ginger!

Sari embarks on a new “Live in Europe tour in March and April 2020, to visit 8 different countries and play on more than 30 dates across the continent. This will be her biggest tour so far!

Live in Europe was recorded during Sari’s 2019 tour of Europe, in venues as far apart as Switzerland to Suffolk in England. The concert tracks were expertly recorded, mixed and mastered by Henning Gehrke and capture the powerhouse singer’s controlled burning and ever-accumulating passion.

Although she’s  a trained opera singer, with all the reach, power and capacity that one would expect, Sari’s voice also contains the right combination of feistiness, pluck and scrubstone that marks her out as a world-class rock, blues and soul act.

Live in Europe’ not only captures the presence, power and reach of this engaging blues-singer, it also showcases the undoubted proficiency of her world-class live-band that includes such talents as: Ash Wilson (guitar & vocals); Mat Beable (bass guitar & vocals); Bob Fridzema (keyboards & vocals), and Roy Martin (drums). In addition, also featured on the live album, are: Stevie Watts (keyboards); Martin “Magic” Johnson (drums); and Steve Wright (acoustic guitar.)

Raw Ramp has said that Sari Schorr as “one of the best contemporary blues-rock singers in the world” and ‘Live in Europe’ proves the validity of our words!


Sari Schorr Tour Poster

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