HO.BO — In Cold Blood

The Italian folk-blues project HO.BO has announced a new album  “A Man With A Gun Lives Here” to be released worldwide via Kono Dischi and I Dischi Del Minollo on 5th June 2020.

HO. BO – a chilling vibe with a lone guitar that seems to shine within its own vibes, a lumpen beat, & a monochromatic voice…

Coinciding with the album announcement, a new single  “In Cold Blood” was released today 13th March 2020 (video shared below)

In Cold Blood is a grumpy, dilatory and ghostly number in which the lyrics invade a shadowy soundscape to establish an accomplished staging for a distressed account.

The single demonstrates the auditory attributes of HO.BO and the sense of loss which absorbs other tracks on the album. In Cold Blood  starts with a chilling vibe, a lone guitar that seems to shine within its own vibe, then a lumpen beat, and a monochromatic voice.

A Man With A Gun Lives Here” is a collection of nine songs featuring the band’s idiosyncratic sound — a mix of folk-blues, imbued with the cloudiest nuances of rock.

HO.BO says: “In Cold Blood is inspired by Truman Capote’s homonymous novel. There isn’t a worse fate than being kidnapped by Gary and Jilly, lovers in real life and devious murderers when the sun sets. Brutal tortures are the setting of this sad story, which is the second murder ballad of the album.”

HO.BO formed in 2017 in Biella, Italy, HO.BO describe themselves as an “abattoir folk-blues band”. The line-up consists of: Samuel Manzoni (vox, acoustic guitar), Andrea Bertoli (piano, farfisa, wurlitzer), Filippo Sperotto (lead acoustic-electric guitar), Mattia Rodighiero (drums), Marco Tommaso (banjo, bass, harmonica), Edoardo Perona (electric guitar).

Link: https://www.facebook.com/hoboofficialband/
A Man With A Gun Lives Here is due to be released 5th June 2020

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