ACM — Exciting New Scholarships

The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) has announced the addition of two brand-new Scholarships to its annual Scholarship programme, now worth over £150,000.

Sylvia Massy and Eighth Day Scholarships will now sit alongside those already available from The Freddie Mercury Foundation, Skunk Anansie, The Ivors Academy and The Lowde Music Trust.

ACM is a leading provider of creative industries education, offering pioneering programmes at Degree and Diploma level in Music Performance, Music Production, Music Business, Creative Artistry, Technical Services and Games Development from its Guildford, London and Birmingham campuses. Every year, ACM is honoured to offer over £150,000 in Scholarships to ensure that everyone has access to its award-winning education.

Platinum award-winning producer American “Sound City” record producer SYLVIA MASSY

Platinum award-winning producer American “Sound City” record producer SYLVIA MASSY is best known for her work with Tool, System of a Down, Johnny Cash and Prince.

A perfect role model for ACM students, Sylvia’s Scholarship aims to inspire the next generation of talent into the world of music production.

Sylvia explained: “We all need to support a young artist’s vision – especially when it does not align with our own. New ideas need wild fermentation. Artists need fortitude and constitution, but sometimes this needs to be nurtured. These young creators need our economic support. This is why I am backing a Scholarship to this amazing programme at ACM.”

Director of Creative Industry Development, Ace said: “ACM is extremely excited and honoured to have such an inspirational world leading producer offering this prestigious award. Sylvia has been a groundbreaking unique force in the music industry for many years, not only creating masterpieces, but also paving the way for female producers in this business, too..”

The Sylvia Massy Scholarship rewards one Music Production student for up-to three years of study at ACM Guildford, London or Birmingham and is worth up-to £27,000. To apply for this Scholarship, applicants must submit a video application with a link to a song they have produced.

Stuart Gilmore from Eighth Day Sound
Stuart Gilmore from Eighth Day Sound

Those applying for ACM’s Technical Services Route will now have the opportunity to apply for the brand new for 2020 Eighth Day Scholarship.

Eighth Day Sound is a world-renowned live sound specialist that has the likes of Beyoncé, Drake, Taylor Swift and The 1975 on its client list. Stuart Gilmore from Eighth Day Sound said: “Eighth Day Sound is excited to be collaborating alongside ACM on this Scholarship. We are thrilled to be able to offer such an exciting opportunity to the next generation of industry professionals looking to enter the constantly evolving area of Technical Services. Being able to contribute directly to a student’s development is a great privilege, one that we all look forward to supporting with the global resources of Eighth Day Sound.

The Eighth Day Scholarship is open to those who have chosen the Technical Services Degree pathway at ACM Guildford or Birmingham and is valid on the two-year accelerated programme worth £22,000. To apply, applicants must submit a video application.

Applications for all of ACM’s prestigious Scholarships are now open, with the deadlines in June 2020.

If music is your passion, then do what you love and apply for an ACM Scholarship now:

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