Robert Jon & The Wreck

ROBERT JON & THE WRECK — Oh Miss Carolina

Just because you’re not allowed to go out doesn’t mean you have to endure a turntable breakdown.

Welcome to the world of jukeboxegregation. Celebrate corona-captivity now by enjoying this tremendous 2020 sound:

Robert Jon & The Wreck
Robert Jon – a voice of cowlick hackles & cranberry-sauce applejack…

The Orange County, CA country-soul quintet ROBERT JON & THE WRECK create janglish folk rock that brings to mind joyful Americana as well as something familiarly rock inspired, maybe The Band, along with something a little southern-rootsier like, perhaps, the Allman Betts band.

They have announced a new album “Last Light On The Highway” that’s due May/June 2020 and is available for pre-order on various bundles from

The new single “Oh Miss Carolina” (a song about moving a relationship along, after discovering differences) is available on all streaming platforms right now. See the video below.

With an embrace of superb viscoelastic guitar, accompanied by bar-room piano, this soulful number sashays along the boulevard with the kind of suggestive perambulation you might expect from a summery southern beauty on the rove. The voice is cowlick hackles & cranberry-sauce applejack and this number is as soulful, heartwarming, and spiritually pleasing as your most-favorite Sunday burgoo.

The exciting new studio album “Last Light On The Highway” is due 8th May 2020


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