Bengal Lancers

Bengal Lancers — I’m Still Here

The rising British indie rock quartet BENGAL LANCERS have released an infectious new single titled “I’m Still Here” out now.

Combining burning guitar sounds and pulsing drums with synth-infused beats. Bengal Lancers can create something that feels addictive and cathartic.

Bengal Lancers
Bengal Lancers – expressive, indie-scene rock…

The band were formed when singer Harry Sullivan met Charlie Hawkins (bass) and Max Hutchins (drums) at the University of Leicester in 2012 / 2013. In 2016, the nascent trio were joined by school friend Aidan Wickham (electronics), completing the talented line up.

They tend to intersperse expressive lyrics with euphoric & melodious soundscapes to create an atmosphere reminiscent of Scared Rabbit or White Lies.

Speaking of “I’m Still Here” Harry Sullivan says: “It’s about coming to terms with your place in the world and taking a step back to see how you fit into the bigger picture.

It’s about seeing through the tougher times in your life and making it to the other side, celebrating everyday victories. Sometimes we struggle to see the brighter side of life and this track is a rally cry to move past that and focus on the positives.

The song has a driving momentum with encouraging rhythms, nifty guitars, and pleading lyrics that bring warnings and requests : delivered with silver clarity and euphonic craftsmanship. This is expressive, indie-scene rock, with an over-the-shoulder look at the early noughties and a sense of nostalgia for the likes of Editors, Interpol, and Stellastarr*


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