LA ROUX — Automatic Driver Remix

English groove-based synth-pop act LA ROUX (i.e. singer Elly Jackson) has launched a surprise remix of her single ‘Automatic Driver’ featuring Tyler, The Creator and taken from her third studio album, “Supervision” (2020).

La Roux
La Roux – Cheery, foot-swirly and good-time mellow…

Supervision’ is her first album for five years and this alternative version of ‘Automatic Driver’ (out via her own label, Supercolour, the video is shared below) reunites her with the multi-award winning American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, Tyler, the Creator (Californian Tyler Okonma)

This follows Elly’s appearance on Tyler’s Grammy-award winning most recent album (“Best Rap” ) — the synth-heavy, funk, soul and R&B album “IGOR” won at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

As might be expected from La Roux’s most understated chillax-album to date — this heady remix has cushioned, synths, ruffled rhythms and foamy vocals with a lacquered bass.

Half way through it becomes legitimately cheery, foot-swirly and good-time mellow. Elly’s  most fundamentalist fans might not be entirely enthusiastic about the voice on this remixed offering, but hey, give the girl a break: she’s trying something new.

File alongside: Fleur East, Lauv


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