Creature Creature


The five-piece indie-punk rockers from Brighton, UK, CREATURE CREATURE originally planned to announce their debut album: “Two Finger Tantrum” back in February but due circumstances they had to push the album back.

Two Finger Tantrum
Two Finger Tantrum – gorgeously melodious vocals with fast riffs

Creature Creature will now release Two Finger Tantrum on July 10 2020 via their own label Creature Eats Records with the pre-orders starting from 15 May.

To celebrate the new release date they will release a new single “Broken Windows” — which is a whirlwind of fruitful guitar notes, enthusiastic rhythms, and the kind of exhilarating vigor that evokes memories of The Jam but perhaps, even more so, the dazzling elegance and natural elan made fashionable by The Lightning Seeds.

This is the oldest song on the album and the first real signs that things were changing from our folk-punk roots when we began writing it. Originally written as an ode to the struggles of the working man, almost eerie comparisons can also be made to the state of the world in 2020…” says Creature Creature front-man Scully.

Creature Creature teamed up with producer Tommy Gleeson (Feeder guitarist and Slaves To Gravity frontman) for the album, that was recorded at Brighton Electric Studios

The first single, “Video Nasty” (video shared below) brought rat tail rhythms, twisted guitars ‘n’ synths, and some gorgeously melodious vocals with fast riffs — so, by that measure, “Two Finger Tantrum” should be a stimulating and engaging experience. We can’t wait!

File alongside: Feeder, Dinosaur Pile-Up


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