The Outlaw Orchestra

THE OUTLAW ORCHESTRA — Chicken Fried Snake

Impressive bluegrasstone, countryweight rock ‘n’ roll quartet THE OUTLAW ORCHESTRA release their new album, titled “Pantomime Villains” on May 29, 2020 via Voodoo Queen records.

Chicken Fried Snake
Chicken Fried Snake – -unhindered musical sophistication

As a tasty preview of what’s to come, they’ve released a super infectious single taken from the forthcoming album, and titled “Chicken Fried Snake.”

It has gratifying darkness and a rewarding, barrel-house riff. This is a prominent number on the L.P. and comes packed with expedited vocal nimbleness and unhindered musical sophistication. You might even think it’s reminiscent of something by “Blackberry Smoke,” albeit with an air of punkish discontent… and the jingle / tangle of supreme rockabillity.

Guitarist and vocalist Dave Roux reveals what led to the stop motion video (shared below) for the single:  “My inspiration sprung from watching The Old Grey Whistle Test as a kid. The song “City Of Tiny Lights” by Frank Zappa was aired with this incredible Claymation video which became rock video history. I watched it with all the other music kids from the area.”

We went onto make our own Morph-style videos with my Dad’s Super 8 camera. Back then we had to send off the film in the post, get it back weeks later, then edit it with Sellotape and scissors. We’d then have everyone over to watch as Dad set up the cine-projector. The ‘Chicken Fried Snake’ video is a Zappa-inspired offering, filtered through the Outlaw Orchestra mindset.

We thought the album was “Irresistible” (reviewed here)

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Main image Photo Credit: Will Carter of Two Finger Media


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