Martha Hill

MARTHA HILL — Grilled Cheese

We’ve been watching Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, alternative pop singer MARTHA HILL [formerly with Holy Moly & The Crackers] since the originative and beguiling song “Spiders” (2018.)

The storytelling pop artist has her roots dipped in emotional folk and captivating jazz, and creates lavish confections that embrace her undisputed creativity.

Martha Hill
Martha Hill – opalescent wonder…

Last year’s stunning “Reborn” was filled with esoteric wonder, with a vocal that we found individualistic — glee-filled and carefree.

So we’re pleased to report that Martha’s next single, titled ‘Grilled Cheese’ is due on 26th June 2020.

The song will be the first single from an upcoming E.P. titled “Summer Up North”. The extended play was recorded during lockdown, via Zoom.

It’s been weird being in the studio and in my living room at the same time,” says Martha. “Grilled Cheese is a dissection of a relationship. Daft arguments about about food prep, bouncing off each other negatively, jealousy, but in the end still believing things are going to get better…

With a reiterative rubber-band thrum and raffishly snappy beats this is a song of scruffy beauty — like witnessing your lovers scraggly, early-morning bed-hair and appreciating that it’s filled with opalescent wonder.

While you wait for a slice of “Grilled Cheese” why not try the heartfelt “Let Me Down Easy” (shared below) filled with melancholy and resonance.



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