Jessica Lynn - Run To


New York born country music ‘n’ crossover singer/songwriter and guitarist JESSICA LYNN has circulated a new video for her single ‘Run To’ which we thought had a waltzing rhythm when we reviewed it in early May, and the emotionalism of deprivation.

Lone Rider Tour dates
Lone Rider Tour dates

I wanted to make a music video for ‘Run To’ where I could let the lyrics and music speak for themselves,” explains Jessica,

I chose a farm nearby which gave us a beautiful setting of rolling hills and pastures and we began the shoot at sunset. I’m so proud of how the video came out and I feel that the visuals, lyrics and music really convey the story that I saw in my head when I wrote the song and the feelings I wanted to give voice to.”

Jessica has also announced rescheduled UK headline Lone Rider tour dates, due to start in Cambridge on May 4 2021 and which will run to fourteen shows, finishing at Sittingbourne on May 19 2021 (see tour poster)


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