Reborn‘ is the first single of the year from Newcastle’s emerging alt-pop sensation MARTHA HILL

Martha Hill – a stunning piece of art, filled with esoteric wonder…

With earlier singles tackling issues such as mental health and social conformity, the Scottish born singer/songwriter is already gaining a reputation for composing hard-hitting alt-pop laced with themes such as: love, loss and growth.

Reborn is about that moment after you’ve had your heart broken, and it’s all still shit, but you suddenly realise how strong you are and how actually, at some point, everything might be okay again.”

After leaving home aged 17, Martha enjoyed years of busking around Europe before settling in the North East. With those newfound roots, she began to pen pop songs that would transcend the streets, drawing on influences such as Little Dragon and Sylvan Esso.

Reborn” has a stubborn beat and a host of smoky cello intertwines that makes the landscape seem muzzy and woebegone… which is the same incongruous feeling you experience during the fall-of-love. The vocal — individualistic though it might be — is actually glee-filled and carefree. And that’s maybe because everything will be alright in the end. This is a stunning piece of art and filled with esoteric wonder.

Martha will be celebrating the release of her ‘Reborn’ at The Sage, Gateshead on 22nd March.

Meanwhile, check her gauzy “Wallflower” about social conformity and anxiety [below]


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