The 35-year old Jefferson, Georgia native — now a Nashville based, hard-rocking country singer-songwriter —  BRANTLEY GILBERT has released a single titled: “Hard Days” [lyric video, shared below.]

A voice of bourbon-washed leather & lemon-cut cinder…

It’s an uplifting song, created in tough times, and it’s a reaffirmation of George Harrison’s comment that All Things Must Pass — even our most difficult moments — and we often emerge from them reinforced, rededicated, and toughened by our experiences.

Hard Days’ is about finding and acknowledging hope in the midst of turmoil and taking the good with the bad,” shares Gilbert. “I look back on some of the harder times in my life and think about where things are now, and I’m thankful for the bad that led to the good...”

This song means a lot to me,” he adds. “It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a song that can stand on its own lyrically. Brock Berryhill, Logan Wall, Jimi Bell and Jay Brunswick gave me the opportunity to work with them, and it’s something I’m extremely proud to be a part of. I feel like all of us are in need of a little bit of healing and in need of a little bit of hope. And this song offers that.

The song is generous & hospitable, with southern gospel vibes and a serenely moving guitar. The voice is bourbon-washed leather & lemon-cut cinder…  never harsh, but stouthearted and gracious. “If you never hit rock bottom, never cussed the sky / You would’ve never known to ask the good lord why...”

Hard Days by Brantley Gilbert is OUT NOW via The Valory Music Co.

File alongside: Luke Combs, Jason Aldean


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