GRIFF — Forgive Myself

The nineteen year-old multi-parameter, soul-singing, electro-pop artist GRIFF comes from Kings Langley (near Watford, in the U.K.) and is of Chinese and Jamaican heritage

She began making music in secret — the first her classmates knew of her talent was when they heard her on the Annie Mac (BBC Radio One) show…

Griff – this single overflows with effusive, liberatory emancipation…

Her latest single, “Forgive Myself”  has just been released via Warner Records,

This song was about cutting myself some slack...” she says “And forgiving myself for past relationships that maybe didn’t end in the way I thought they would.”

So the single overflows with effusive, liberatory emancipation. The voice is like zested soapbark, cold as ice needles yet lemony as soursop,

And it comes streaked with darker jacaranda, so brings us multiple dimensions as it becomes a brimming pledge to empowering redemption.

File alongside: Julia Michaels, Dua Lipa



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